Products - Essential Oils / Sundries  

We offer the following essential oils / sundries. If you wish to request a price-per-kilo rate, or a sample, please click on the appropriate links below.

We do stock, and offer a range of further essential oil/sundry products, and if your product is not on the list below, please contact us.

Essential Oil
Buchu Oil
Cananga Oil
Clove Leaf Oil
Clove Bud Oil
Clove Stem Oil
Clove Terpenes
Cognac Oil
Galbanum Oil
Geranium Oil
Grapefruit Oil
Gurjun Balsam Oil
Lemon Oil
Lemon Terpenes
Lime Oil
Nutmeg Oil
Orange Oil (Brazil)
Orange Terpenes
Orange 5 Fold
Orange 10 Fold
Patchouli Oil Light
Patchouli Oil Dark
Patchouli Oil De-Ionized
Sage Oil